Monday, October 17, 2011

Agile Experience in a Software Services Company

Third paper reviewed: Agile Experience in a Software Services Company
Authors: Jakub Rudzki Solita Oy, Imed Hummouda Tampere University of Technology, Tuomas Mikkola Solita Oy
Year Published: 2009
Date Reviewed: October 15th, 2011
Most of the big software companies in India are service oriented companies. These companies serve other companies by accepting their projects on a contract basis. However, in most of these case, along with the actual project come the development models associated with them. The agile methodologies have gained popularity with such projects.
This particular paper explores projects in a software services company Solita Oy based in Finland. This company counts companies like Oracle as its clientele. This paper presents a case study of 18 projects within this company. The projects range from using waterfall and iterative models to the agile scrum model.
The authors found that although project which used agile scored high on team performance and project success, they were not as popular with the client. Customer satisfaction was higher in the iterative model. However, in other factors, agile was at par with other models.