Monday, October 3, 2011

Agile Software Development

First paper reviewed: Agile Software Development - A Survey of Early Adopters
Leo R. Vijayasarathy Colorado State University
Dan Turk Colorado State University      
Year Published: 2008
Date Reviewed: September 18th, 2011
The motivation of this paper is mainly to gauge the acceptance of Agile Methodologies in the industry. This was a result of an internet survey directed towards Yahoo groups members. Of the 98 respondents of this survey, 81 were from the USA; 4 each from Canada, India and the UK; 1 each from Australia, Botswana, Colombia, Mexico and New Zealand.
Although there were many benefits of Agile discovered through this survey, and most of the respondents were positive about it, there was a stark number of limitations that were listed. There were 6 main advantages of Agile including better meeting customer needs and faster time to delivery. However, there were 15 limitations spotted with it which included limited support and lack of documentation.
This is a point to ponder upon. Although most of the members using Agile are happy with it, there were far too many limitations listed out in sheer numbers. Agile is flexible and widely used, however there must be a way to reduce these limitations.
One more point that struck me was that most of the respondents were from the USA. The effect of culture on Agile has not been considered as determining factor. We have not considered the problems faced by people in more rigid, hierarchical environments. Agile cannot sustain in a hierarchy but most companies in countries such as India have a rigid hierarchical structure. Also, 98 respondents do not seem enough for judging the success of a methodology.
I feel that we need more information to meter the success of this methodology.